Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seems like M. Malkin has been quite interesting recently

Weird, huh? Mrs. Malkin says...

Al Sharpton has gotten away with so much for so long, I’m skeptical anything will come of the feds’ investigation of his financial shenanigans. So manage your expectations. The NY Daily News has details of the FBI’s 6:30am wake-up call for Sharpton’s aides and cronies. I don’t want to know what Al Sharpton looks like at 6:30am in the morning. Blech.

I guess not as good as you do, Michelle. I mean seriously...what is it with the fascist, confused women dressing like hookers at our national monuments? Does that turn conservatives on? Annie (get-your-gun) Coulter and M. Malkin in pleather? Personally, I like to see tourists with their disposable cameras and kids. Maybe Freddie, Huckabee, Romney, and all those other guys whose names rhyme should do a debate on the National Mall in speedos.