Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let me give you a minute, Congressman

From the New Republic...

"The American people see earmarks as the gateway to spending," I remember Tennessee's Marsha Blackburn, a rising House GOP star who stumped tirelessly for McCain, telling me back in December. Asked to recount one time a voter asked her about earmarks on the trail, she fell silent. "Oh, yes, we've, um, let's see ... I'm trying to think ..."


We'll let David Shuster sum it up...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hiatus over (TNGOP got me back on track)

Let me give you a refresher in what it is to be a Democrat, courtesy of the TNGOP...

To “register” as a Democrat
is to commit publicly and in writing to support a party that believes an expansive government is the answer to all needs and questions (a hand out, always).

To “register” as a Democrat is to commit publicly and in writing to support a party that support appeasement with terrorists and enemies of America, even while men and women are in harm’s way, defending our security and freedoms.

To “register” as a Democrat is to support abortion, even up to the last trimester of pregnancy; to support the notion that special rights for homosexual couples are akin to the Civil Rights fought for by and on behalf of African Americans for decades.

To “register” as a Democrat is to admit publicly that you view tax dollars as possessions of the government and a “patriotic duty” rather than money taken from hard-working citizens and a reduction of individual freedom, that you support doing nothing effective about illegal immigration, rather than addressing the legal and lawful entry into our country as a priority for those who want to work and study legally as citizens.

Do you agree?!! Mr. Hobbs wants to know...

Bill Hobbs
Communications Director
Tennessee Republican Party
2424 21st Avenue, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615.269.4260

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You're invited (to give Congressman Marsha your money)!!!

Some background info from Rep. Blackburn...

I am honored to be a U.S. Congressman. I wake up every day thankful for the opportunity to serve. I want to continue to be your voice in Washington for our conservative values.

In this environment, I intend to work with the new administration when I can, not give up my conservative principles and represent the views of the people in the 7th District.

Our campaign office is open as our staff prepares for another election cycle. I need your help! We must raise money early to prepare for another opponent(s). I know I will always be a target because of being an outspoken conservative.

I appreciate having your support in our re-election effort. It is an honor to serve in Congress, to represent you and our conservative agenda.

We love who?

Monday, February 2, 2009

The party's in the glass house

...and later, Chairwoman Smith will accompany Mr. Chip Saltsman in a chorus of "Michael, the Magic Negro."