Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's states' rights, stupid!

In M. Malkin's latest rant, she seems to be very upset about NJ considering banning the death penalty...

Instead of upholding the law, streamlining the appeals process, and carrying out death penalty sentences, New Jersey Democrats are moving to just give up and scrap the death penalty altogether. Yesterday, two legislative bodies took steps to repeal the death penalty–and Democrat Gov. Jon Corzine is poised to sign the bill.

OK, I'm going to admit I'm in favor of the death penalty in certain cases (which I guess is what people would consider Southern), but it's STATES' RIGHTS!!! Remember that concept? If my memory serves me correctly, there was a little problem with that back in the day.
PS. Why is it that conservatives are more than willing to let states ban gay marriage, abortion, etc...but when it comes to issues like the death penalty, or legalizing medicinal marijuana, they raise all hell? Oh...it's because they're hypocrites. That's right.