Friday, December 21, 2007

Forgot to add this anti-environment bit from M.M.

Courtesy of Mrs. Malkin...

You know the energy bill that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law today? Tucked into the legislation is a provision that mandates the phase-out of the 125-year-old incandescent bulb in the next four to 12 years in favor of a new generation of trendy, supposedly energy-efficient Gorebulbs.

First, Australia. Then the EU. And now us. Well-intended bulb-pushers said they weren’t supporting mandates. Just “voluntary adoption” of lighting alternatives. But the road to eco-meddling is always paved with “voluntary” intentions–along with threats to your children that if you don’t volunteer to buy environmentally correct lights, Santa and his reindeer will DIE DIE DIE!

These feel-good dim bulbs give you crappy lighting, don’t live up to their longevity promises, and are a pain in the neck to dispose of–but they sure make enviro-nitwits and Big Greenie water-carriers feel good about themselves.

What happened to keeping government out of our bedroom? And our bathroom? And our utility closets?

The Gore-ing of America continues…

I frequently ask myself why the environment is a partisan issue. M.M. sure thinks it is, and that anyone who cares about the environment or is concerned about global warming is a Gore-worshipper. My dear fascist, pleathered friend, they're lightbulbs...not security cameras. Oh wait, you'd probably be in favor of having those installed in people's least those who have either olive skin or a good tan.