Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Blackburn stupidity

From the Williamson County Dems....

The US House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday mandating increased fuel efficiency standards 40% by 2020. The bill passed 235-181.

FYI: Rep Marsha Blackburn (R) voted Nay, Rep. Lincoln Davis (D) voted Yea.

Manufacturers are making high performance vehicles in Europe that outperform this standard already. Maybe you agree that it is not out of the stratosphere of American ingenuity and conscience to demand a better standard of fuel economy 13 years out, reduce Carbon emissions, and reduce our dependence on foreign and domestic oil. HR6 also includes the repeal of a number of Oil Industry tax breaks and requires utilities to generate energy from cleaner sources and includes investment credits for solar energy.

Guess what - President Bush has vowed to veto HR6 and it will go back to the Senate after The Decider’s veto.

Our Senator Lamar Alexander claims to be a friend of the Environment. Senator Bob Corker’s position is unknown. I would like to point out that both of our Senator’s have been known on occasion to make wise choices in consideration of the environment - yet over riding a Presidential veto is sure to be a deeply divided partisan feat.