Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Malkin mad again and Freddie shows his stupidity

Question: How many of you believe global climate change is a serious threat and caused by human activity?

Thompson objects to hand shows. (Applause).

The format blows up. Everyone’s talking. Anarchy! Yes! The schoolmarm’s feathers are ruffled. McCain: I’ve been involved in this issue since 2000. I know that climate change is real.

Giuliani: I agree with John. It’s real and it’s because of humans. I think our party should embrace this.

Romney: Get off of foreign oil. You can help environment and economy. Is it an issue for the world? Absolutely. Let’s not have the rest of the world skate by, though. It’s global warming, not America warming.

Keyes: Who represents overlooked voices? Betrayal of sovereignty. Bashes elites. He’s maaaad. The schoolmarm is madder.

My position on global warming? Control the hot air of the politicians in Washington!