Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Coal Miner's Daughter

I know it seems random that I post letters from Loretta on my anti-Fascist website, but she's done good at bringin' smiles to my face over the years and reminding me of the good ol' days in Tennessee.

Hello, Friends!

Once again, my favorite of seasons has come our way! The holidays for all of my family seem to get everyone excited getting all done in time for celebrating together. The grown ups are busy figuring who's gonna be cookin' what dish for the meals, knowing their own recipes are the best. The kids are busy letting Meemaw know what they want for Christmas. Trouble is those young-un's keep changing their minds on me! I've never heard of some of those wild toys they keep mentioning. Ha. When you're out on the road on the bus, you aren't able to keep up with all the popular new fangled gadgets out there now. What ever happened to rag dolls? One of my favorite toys that "Santy" brought me was a doll my Mommy made me out of old socks. That was one of the best Christmas' I ever had! We were really somethin' if we also got an apple or orange, too! It sure didn't get any better than that!

Thanksgiving around here at the ranch begins all the bustle of activity. I sure get a kick out of the girls trying to out do each on the great food they make. Of course they all want their Mama to make the Turkey and Dressing, along with a big ole pot of my Chicken 'n Dumplin's! I have to say those dumplin's are my favorite, but, I usually get more flour all over the kitchen than I do in the pot! Of course, if I don't make some of my peanut butter fudge, the whole bunch will start hollerin'! Yes, friends. It looks like I'll probably have to start back on my diet after New Years!

It's easy for me to get in the spirit of the holidays with putting up the tree and all the decorations. My tree is always loaded down with every color you can imagine! I always say, when in doubt, just add more! It's a good ole "Country Christmas" feel when all is said and done, and that's the way I like it. Still, my favorite Christmas tree is the one I have in my museum all year round. So many of you have given me the most beautiful ornaments throughout the years, I just moved my tree over there and left it up so all would be able to see them!This year on the road has been one of the best times ever for me and my gang. We have really enjoyed the shows we've come out to sing at. Seeing all of y'all out there singin' along with me makes it even more special. Most of the places we come to is like an old fashion homecoming, with recognizing all your familiar faces. Those twins and Tayla always keeps me on my toes, never knowing what they're gonna pull out there on tour. Ernest Ray came out again this year and you never know what he's going to be up to! I sure have missed him not being on the road, and I know you all have too. The first show he came back out on was just as if he had never been gone. You know me, though. I just keep hoping he'll behave each time we get out there on the stage! We've already started the new year coming with new dates being booked, and I sure hope I will be coming near you soon.

I still have been busy working on some of my songs, with writing and doing a bit of recording lately. I've been recording some of my favorites, and that's always the most fun. There's something about getting in a studio with musicians and singing, just like I used to do when I first started out, that is special to me. It's like those days working with the great Owen Bradley, and it sure brings back some of the best memories!

Speaking of memories, this season is the time for remembering all the special times and people in our lives. The holidays always brings to mind of the day of growing up in the hills of Kentucky, waking on those frosty mornings with the smell of Mommy's biscuits bakin'! Daddy bringing in a tree for us to decorate with our own ornaments we carefully made, and trimming it with the popcorn we strung after Mommy popped it. These memories are also of the looks on my own babies faces as they woke up on Christmas morning to find what "Santy" had brought 'em, and now, memories of all my grandkids faces as they rip through that colored wrapping paper to open their own gifts. It just brings smiles to my face thinking about it all. My smiles just get bigger with the memories of all of you, too, that have made this past year so special to me. Thinking of me with all your wonderful letters, cards, and gifts, is so unbelievable to this country girl! But looking out there in the audience, seeing your bright big smiles is always the best! Yes, I hold those memories close, and always will.

Friends, I and my whole family sure want to wish you all the best of the holidays, and the upcoming new year, too! In all of the fun filled hectic times, never forget the reason for this season. And, more than anything, never forget our boys and girls overseas, that will be spending the holidays away from home, too!

Love you,

Loretta Lynn