Friday, December 21, 2007

Blackburn...back to anger and keepin' Tennessee po'

I don't get it...what is Marsha's ideal tax rate? Tennesseans pay no income tax and have some of the lowest property taxes in the country. The only way for Nashville to make money is thru sales tax!!!

Blackburn: Fiscal Conservatives Score Healthcare and Tax Relief Victories for Tennessee Families
Blasts Democrat Leadership for going home with vital work undone on Sales Tax Deductibility
Washington, Dec 19 -

As American families prepare for the Holiday season and begin to plan for the New Year, Congressman Marsha Blackburn applauded Republican leadership in passing tax fairness for working Americans, vital healthcare funding for Tennessee children, and partial DSH payment for Tennessee hospitals without a tax increase. Blackburn questions Democrat Leadership's commitment to extending Tennessee's sales tax deductibility.

"After more than eleven months of broken promises, politically-motivated votes and brinksmanship by the Democrat Leadership, I am pleased that Congress was able to provide this critical relief for working Tennesseans."

"Tennessee families can enjoy the holiday season with the full understanding that for the coming fiscal year, the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service's Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) will not extend any further. By stripping out tax increases insisted upon by the Democrat Leadership, House and Senate Republicans were able to pass clean legislation to prevent additional working class families from paying the AMT, which would have hit an additional 23 million American families in the coming year. "

"At the same time, I am equally pleased that Congress finally took action to hold off a pending collapse of the SCHIP system by passing legislation that fully funds the program, provides physicians a .5% payment increase through Medicare, and critical Medicaid DSH payments for Tennessee hospitals until June 30, 2008."

Blackburn blasted Democrat Leaders for returning home for the Holidays without extending the sales tax deductibility that is worth billions for Tennessee families each year.

"While Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues on the coast may not be interested in providing tax relief for Tennessee families who do not pay a state income tax, it is shameful to leave town while Tennessee families are at risk. I hope the Majority returns to Washington in a spirit to negotiate a solution that permanently delivers sales tax deductibility for Tennesseans."

"Colleagues on the coast"...haha, maybe that will replace "the liberal leadership". Darlin', nothing is getting done in Congress because people like YOU are standing in the way of any progress, and then you criticize Dems for it. Maybe you should reconsider all of your NO votes? Seems like roll call always has the (R-Brentwood) against EVERY vote!