Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New letter from Loretta

It always makes ya feel good to know that Loretta's doin' good...at least it makes me feel good, ha. I don't know when I'll be able to see her again, but I'll keep checking!

Hello, Friends! I know it sure has been a long time since I've been able to write y'all a new letter, but I do want you to know that you all have always been in my thoughts! This summer has been so amazing and very busy for this Kentucky girl. The best thing has been getting on my bus and going out to do my shows. The reason is that at all of 'em, I look out there and see you all there to hear me sing for y'all! I sure feel great seeing each of you there and most of you at more than one of my shows. It don't get better than that! I sure do appreciate you all still coming out to see our gang having fun up on that stage, for sure!

So much has been keeping me busy these past few months, along with touring. I really had a great time when I recorded songs on a couple of projects that have been released this year. Those songs made me anxious to start writing even more and anxious to return into the studio again. I hope you liked my duet with Marty Stuart on his "Compadres" album. I love Marty and especially for him staying true to good ol' country music! He not only is a talented artist in music, but that boy can sure take some beautiful photos, too! He published and signed one of his books to me, which I put in my museum. We have so much fun when we get together. When he and wife Connie are around me, we just laugh so much talking about life on the road.

I was so flattered to be asked to sing on John Carter Cash's tribute to his mama, June Carter Cash, "Anchored in Love". I read his beautiful book of June, which brought back so many wonderful memories. I laughed and cried so much, before I finished each chapter of it! Getting to record, "Wildwood Flower" for the project was so amazing to me. You can really see the great love "Lil' Johnny" has for his mama and daddy, and for pure country music. I'm so proud of him for carrying on the tradition that goes all the way back to his roots in the Carter Family.

My kids went together last Christmas and surprised me with a brand new Jeep Wrangler! I sure have had fun driving it around my ranch! I get tickled when they think I drive too fast. I guess they forget their mama used to drive all the time back and forth to Nashville! I just put on a ball cap, get in, and take off! It's funny that no one has recognized me as I pass them by on the roads. One of these days I'm gonna put the top down and take it out on my motocross track and really have fun!

I think I had one of the best gardens this year I ever had. Y'all know how much I like workin' in the dirt growin' things! I had so many vegetables this year; I had to put some up to have this winter, too! I can't go a summer without having my garden to work in, and my flowers, too. That's the country girl in me!

We've sure had a great year here at my ranch because all of you that come down to visit. I sure want to thank you all for continuing to return here and see us! It's because of you all that we keep having a record year at the ranch. It's also because of all the great people that work so hard here, too. I love them all dearly and they know how much I appreciate them! My ranch manager, Alan, sure has worked hard keeping all so nice. I don't know how he does it all. He still has so much planned for the rest of this year and even for next season, too. He's even got a Haunted Trail Ride planned this month. I guess that's great since we have plenty of ghosts around here. Ha. Yes, friends. There's stills plenty of "tricks and treats" here in Hurricane Mills!

This past weekend was our last ranch concert, and it was sure great seeing all of you there! It was so fun having the kids there to sing, too. I really had a lot of fun having Crystal with me. When she's with me, we just laugh and cut up all the time. We love acting up like a couple of kids, just as sisters always do. Of course I love to hear her sing and was so glad she was able to come down to see me and also to perform for you all, too! We are gonna have to do that again, soon!

Ernest Ray has been so busy with the farm this year. He's always out there on a tractor when I look out that kitchen window. His new wife, Kalista, keeps him in line, too! Ha. I love "Kissie", and she just fits right in with the family! Betty Sue has been so busy with her antiques business. I sneak down to her place and end up bringing a load back home with me all the time! She sure knows what her mama likes! Cissie and John works so hard at their new Country Store, too! Cis sure has spoiled her mama with all of her good ol' country cookin'! She fries the best boloney sandwiches and creamed corn, too! Peggy Jean has her hands full with going out on the road singing with me. She has a huge flower farm that has been doing so great, and even has started selling good ol' homemade pies! Yes, friends, she's like her mama, back in the days when I lived in the state of Washington! Patsy never slows down, juggling all in her life and mine, too! Patsy still is out there with me singing with Peggy, and helping me get things done around here. If you've been to my shows this past year, you've seen my granddaughter Tayla singing, too! Tayla's allot like her "Meemaw" with all her energy on stage, and her love to perform. Tayla's husband Jim is also my road manager, so he has his hands full out there making us all behave. Ha. Yes, it's a family affair on and off the road, for sure!

We still have quite a few shows to do this year, and I'm excited to return to all the familiar places, and faces! I couldn't do it without the great band I have. Bobby, Bart, Eric, Larry, Charlie, and Craig, knows I love and appreciate 'em! My singers Lee, Mike, and Shelton, are so talented, and make my shows even more fun! I love those guys! My sound guy, Jerry, makes us all sound great on tour, too. He's amazing! Billy also works hard helping Jim on the road with my merchandise. Don't forget to tell him hello, too. Donny, my driver always gets us there safe and sound traveling all those miles. Sometimes I'll get up and sit up front helping him drive, too. Ha.

Well, friends. It's time I'd better close this letter so it can get posted for all you. You all are the reason I still love to tour and sing. All our boys and girls overseas, fighting to protect freedom, is there reason we all are able to do what we love to do. Always keep them in your thoughts, and prayers, too!

Love you,

Loretta Lynn