Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bill-O tonight AND my Annie!

Ann Coulter:

"Liberals pray every night, 'please let us lose the war, please let us lose the war.'"

"Most Americans like our troops, liberals do not."


"I have liberal friends who support the troops...it's only the far-Left that wants us to lose."

Flavia Colgan (FOX Democratic Strategist):

"I'm not going to run from the label 'liberal', I'm proud of my liberal, populist heritage."

Greg's opinion - Flavia wins.

Fascism, fascism, fascism....angry, angry, angry. Bill-O has indirectly classified me as "far-Left"...does that mean I'm not supposed to support our troops?

Oh and PS...if you don't agree with George Clooney, he'll hate you.