Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bill-O tonight...I rather watch the Weather Channel

NBC News = Sean Penn = Rosie O'Donnell = Hugo Chavez = Rep. Barney Frank.

Aaaaaand once again..."far-Left, far-Left, radical Left, liberal media, blah blah blah."

I'm sorry, I know some of y'all like my take on Bill-O every night, but it's getting too painful. I know he likes to talk about how FOX News is taking over the media, but he has gotten SO boring in the past few months. At least call me a Left-wing Fascist again, HA!!!

PS. Hillary lost 4 points in the polls. Obviously means Republicans are gonna win '08.
PPS. A guest commentator just sighed "oh my God" while Bill-O was spewing his fascism. It actually was pretty awesome. Then she finally asked him "What is the liberal media? What are you talking about?"