Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm baaaack...for a little bit o' green

It's been awhile...but let's get things started...

Bush vetoes water projects bill
Decision comes even though Congress appears to have votes to override

Hopefully the first override...Fascists goin down!!!

If Bush is overridden, the measure would give a green light to projects in virtually every state. It only authorizes the projects; the actual funding must be approved separately.

The authorizations include:

- $3.6 billion for major wetlands and other coastal restoration, flood control and dredging projects for Louisiana, a state where coastal erosion and storms have resulted in the disappearance of huge areas of land;

- nearly $2 billion for the restoration of the Florida Everglades;

- nearly $2 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers to build seven new locks on the upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers;

- $7 billion for various projects related to hurricane mitigation in Mississippi and Louisiana, including assuring 100-year levee protection in New Orleans;

- hundreds of smaller dredging, wetlands restoration and flood control projects across the country.