Friday, November 30, 2007

Gross pro-lifers

Abortion foes say banners will return to Gwinnett County
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 11/30/07

Volunteers with an anti-abortion organization say they plan to bring another truck to Gwinnett County with images of aborted fetuses.

This time, Gwinnett police say no one will be arrested for displaying the banners — at least until prosecutors sort out whether doing so is a criminal offense.

A senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue said Thursday that a "Truth Truck" will arrive in Gwinnett on Saturday with banners similar to ones that caused a stir near the Mall of Georgia in Buford the day after Thanksgiving.

In that incident, police charged 44-year-old Robert Roethlisberger Jr. of Belton, Mo. with disorderly conduct after a citizen complained about banners on a truck he drove. The banners showed a headless and bloody fetus and the partially crushed head of a fetus being held in forceps.

Perfect for children to see, and those who are casually driving or walking by. Is that an acceptable way to spread your message? Personally, I think it discredits your cause (aka throwing it in your face).