Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update from CPAC

GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

(CNN) -- Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will suspend his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, GOP sources tell CNN.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign Thursday, sources say.

Romney had won 270 delegates in through the Super Tuesday contests, compared with front-runner John McCain's 680.

Romney had no public events Wednesday and instead met with aides to discuss strategy to stay in the race through March 4.

"It is tough to saddle up this a.m.," one Romney adviser told CNN the morning after his disappointing Super Tuesday finish.

Although he outspent his rivals, Romney received just 175 delegates on Super Tuesday, compared with at least 504 for McCain and 141 for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, according to CNN estimates.

Romney came in first in Massachusetts, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado and Utah on Super Tuesday. In the early voting contests, he won Nevada, Maine, Michigan and Wyoming.

After his win in the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee became Romney's chief rival for the party's conservative vote.

Huckabee on Tuesday won Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and West Virginia.

"Primaries are a killing field," said CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider. "They take losing candidates and get their bodies off the field."

Suspending a campaign has a different meaning depending on the party.

On the Republican side, decisions on how to allocate delegates is left to the state parties.

Superdelegates are always free to support any candidate at any time, whether the candidate drops out, suspends or stays in.

National party rules say that a candidate who "drops out" keeps any district-level delegates he or she has won so far but loses any statewide delegates he or she has won.

Romney is expected to announce his decision Thursday afternoon at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, three Republican sources told CNN.

From a fascist source...

Amid reports that Mitt Romney is dropping out of the Presidential race, The Sun reports that Sen. John McCain has been added to tonight’s Baltimore County Lincoln Day Dinner. The event previously featured Romney, who is apparently still going to be there. Does this mean Romney is going to endorse McCain tonight in Baltimore?

UPDATE: Rumor is the actual endorsement will be at CPAC (if it happens at all), but tonight could still be a joint campaign appearance for McCain and Romney.