Thursday, February 7, 2008

Scared Fascists...update from CPAC

Club for Growth President Pat Toomey released the following statement on Senator McCain’s speech at CPAC this afternoon:

“Senator McCain deserves some credit for making a conscious effort to reach out to conservatives at CPAC today, but over the next couple of months, he will need to go beyond talking about those issues on which he agrees with conservatives and address those areas in which we’ve had strong disagreements. More specifically, he will need to reassure conservative regarding his vision on tax policy; political speech during campaigns; global warming remedies; and his general approach towards regulatory matters.”

“In addition, the most concrete manifestation of McCain’s commitment to conservative principles will be his selection of an economic conservative running mate who will unify the Republican coalition. Clearly, an economic liberal like Mike Huckabee will be unacceptable to a majority of Republicans. Rather, Senator McCain will need to pick a vice-presidential candidate who embodies the Republican belief in limited government, economic freedom, and the power of free enterprise to advance prosperity for all Americans.”