Monday, February 11, 2008

MM asks...

When is it okay to wear a “Nigger” t-shirt?

Permission is granted…

1) When you’re a wealthy black rapper strutting down the red carpet at the Grammys, looking for some cheap publicity for your gawd-awful album of the same name.
2) When you’re the eptihet-screaming wife of above-mentioned rapper.
3) When you can give some nauseatingly p.c. rationalization for using a Forbidden Epithet by explaining that you are simply “reclaiming” the word for self-empowerment.

This is in retaliation to Nas and Kelis wearing shirts that bared the same word at the Grammy's.

Leave it alone, Michelle. Funny that Nas also gave his upcoming election preference...meaning party, not candidate. Guess which party (hint: it's the party that fights for hate crimes legislation and for universal sufferage)?

Maybe MM needs to think about what word she'd reclaim...can you think of any? Let's start the list!