Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Toss up

Again, I wanna say that my thoughts are with those across the Mid-South who felt the brunt of yesterday's's hoping for a quick clean-up.

In other news...

Obama, Clinton separated by 0.4 percent on Super Tuesday
Posted: 03:01 PM ET

NEW YORK (CNN) — Just how sharply are Democrats divided between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Of all the votes cast on Super Tuesday for the two candidates nationwide, they are only separated by 0.4 of a percentage point.

By midday Wednesday, 14,645,638 votes were reported cast for either Obama or Clinton on Tuesday. Clinton had won 7,350,238 of those votes (50.2 percent) while Obama captured 7,295,400 votes (49.8 percent).

Most precincts had reported 100 percent of their votes by Wednesday, though some districts had yet to complete their count. Many of those votes are in in New Mexico, where CNN has yet to declare a winner, and in California, where a sizeable number of absentee votes have yet to be tallied.