Monday, October 22, 2007

U.S. Fascists vs. Islamo-Fascists!

Remember the GW fiasco...still cracks me up...funny, funny, funny.

But Marsha, Ann, Michelle, Bill, David, Sean, Rick, Laura....scared, scared, scared....

Take a look at some of the speakers going around to colleges's sickening. Are Rick Santorum and Ann Coulter qualified to talk about "Islamo-Fascism"?

Brown University
Robert Spencer – 25th, 7pm, Salomon Hall 101

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Greg Davis – 24th, 7:30pm, Phillips Hall

Clemson University
Mike Adams – 25th, 7pm, Hunter 100

Columbia University
David Horowitz – 26th, 12pm, Lerner Cinema
panel with Phyllis Chesler, Ibn Warraq, and Christina Sommers – 24th, 8pm, Math 203

DePaul University
Robert Spencer – 22nd, 7pm, Cortalyou Commons

Robert Spencer – 26th, 7pm, Dartmouth Hall room 105

Emory University
David Horowitz – 24th, 8pm, White Hall 208

Lawrence University
Jonathan Schanzer – 24th, 7:30pm, Youngchild Hall

George Mason University
Luana Saghieh and Alan Nathan – 22nd, 8:30pm, Johnson Center Cinema

George Washington University
Michael Ledeen and Daphne Patai – 22nd, 10am, Mt. Vernon Campus, Eckles Auditorium
David Horowitz – 25th, 8pm, Marvin Center

Penn State University
Rick Santorum – 23rd, 8pm, 119 Osmond

David Horowitz – 16th, 8pm, McCosh 10

Tammy Bruce – 22nd, 7pm, Student Lounge

Brian Sussman – 24th, 12pm, Jack Adams Hall

Temple University
Rick Santorum – 24th, 8pm, Student Center 218

Daniel Pipes – 24th, 7pm

Tulane University
Ann Coulter – 22nd, 7pm, McAlister Auditorium

UC Berkeley
Nonie Darwish – 22nd, 7pm, Evans Hall 10

UC Santa Barbara
Dennis Prager – 25th, 7pm, Girvetz 1004

Cyrus Nowrasteh – 23rd, 6:30pm, Moore 100
Nonie Darwish – 24th, 7pm, Haines 82
Joe Kaufman – 25th, 7pm, Moore 100

University of Miami
Cyrus Nowrasteh – 24th, 7pm, Whitten University Learning Center

University of Pennsylvania
Rick Santorum – 24th, 5:30pm, Hillel-Steinhardt Hall
panel with Daniel Pipes, Dr. Stephen Gale, and Ed Turzanski – 22nd, 7pm, Huntsman Hall

University of Rhode Island
Robert Spencer – 24th, 7pm, Memorial Union Ballroom

University of Washington
Michael Medved – 25th, 7pm, Smith 120

University of Wisconsin, Madison
David Horowitz – 22nd, 7:30, Wisconsin Union Theater

Ann Coulter – 24th, 6pm, Annenberg School of Communication – G26