Thursday, October 25, 2007

I must admit, Bill-O confused me tonight

My dose of comic relief tonight (Bill-O) was a bit confusing. Bill-O condemned a group of anti-war, anti-religious intolerance protesters (who he labeled "far-Left, liberal loons") at Emory here in Atlanta. These protests were in response to David Horowitz's appearance at the University, where he was to educate young America about Islamo-Fascism (which I blogged about a few days know, the topic on which Ann Coulter is an expert). The confusing part is when Bill-O quickly transitioned to calling the protesters Fascists. Umm...

Call me crazy, but as I recall from U.S. Government class in high school, as well as countless Poli Sci classes in college, the spectrum used to be as follows:

(Far-Left) Communism <----------------Centrism---------------> Fascism (Far-Right)

Was that a mixup? Maybe I'll email Michelle Malkin.