Friday, October 19, 2007

For those who weren't the victims of my last email...

Blackburn Votes Against Government-Run Healthcare House Sustains President's SCHIP Veto

Today, Congressman Marsha Blackburn moved to rein in the liberal Leadership's move to "slow motion socialism" by voting to sustain President Bush's veto of H.R. 976. Rep. Blackburn had the following statement after the House voted to sustain the veto 273 to 156.

"Everyone in Tennessee watched TennCare, Tennessee's attempt to institutionalize Hillary Clinton's plan for universal healthcare, inflict pain and pressure on our healthcare system. We observed first hand that expanded enrollments weakened eligibility requirements, which lead to access and affordability problems. I am therefore proud of my colleagues for sustaining the President's veto on H.R. 976, legislation that ignores the TennCare lessons, while spending billions of dollars to substitute private health insurance coverage with government-run healthcare coverage."

"I remain committed to working with my colleagues across the aisle to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program to protect underprivileged children who currently lack health insurance. However, I cannot support legislation that will expand the welfare state, provide government health care benefits to illegal immigrants, and irresponsibly draw-down the public purse."

The U.S. is a welfare state? The "liberal leadership" is leading the way to socialism? Marsha, do you see any fjords? The U.S. ain't no Norway.