Thursday, October 25, 2007

To all country music-loving Liberals: Speak with your $$$

From today's Tennessean...
John Rich is a Fred-like conservative

John Rich left no doubt on where he stands after Wednesday's appearance on The Steve Gill Radio Show, which now features him as a regular commentator.

John is an avid supportive of Fred Thompson's presidential bid because he's a conservative who agrees with Fred's voting record.

The preacher's son says many are surprised to learn that he's conservative. "Big & Rich music is so out of the box and so wild and unrestrained," John tells me. "They probably just make assumptions that you're that way with everything. One reason why we are able to be so untethered in country music is because we have a really strong base and strong beliefs and core values.

The pro-lifer is against gay marriage.

"I think if you legalize that, you've got to legalize some other things that are pretty unsavory," he says. "You can call me a radical, but how can you tell an aunt that she can't marry her nephew if they are really in love and sharing the bills? How can you tell them they can't get married, but something else that's unnatural can happen?"

John also is known as a woman-loving party animal. "I'm probably somewhat of a walking dichotomy, I guess. Some of my favorite singers were that too, like Johnny Cash.

He spoke to his partner, Big Kenny, before coming out publicly for Fred.

"It's actually a risky thing for an entertainer to get into politics, but I'd rather take a chance on alienating some fans than sit by idly and watch Hillary Clinton go trotting into the White House."

Hmm...John doesn't sound like the kinda ultra-Christian right-winger the Fascists appreciate (woman-loving, party animal? Oh, I guess Fred fits the "woman-loving" part with his 15 year old wife). I love how they make it sound like the fact that he's a preacher's son automatically makes him a right-winger. NOTE TO ALL LIBERALS: you can NEVER call yourselves Christians! I've been lying to everyone and putting up a front when I go to church on Sundays! I'm proud to say I've never purchased a Big & Rich album, and, after this, don't plan to. I encourage everyone else to speak with your $$$ too. I'm just glad there are orgs like this in Nashville... There's a long list of country music singers I endorse...feel free to ask.