Saturday, October 20, 2007

I admit, sometimes Michelle speaks the truth

By Michelle Malkin • October 20, 2007 12:36 AM

I’ll be spending a large chunk of my birthday on a plane later today, but the opportunity to visit the Young America’s Foundation offices and the Reagan Ranch was well worth it. Quite a special treat. After speaking to students, staff, and local YAF supporters in Santa Barbara, I drove up to visit Rancho del Cielo with the kids and fellow lecturers. The ranch truly reflects the essence of the man–there’s a spirituality about it, infused with modesty, self-reliance, and purposefulness. In other words: Quintessentially American. Quintessentially Reagan.

A few fun tidbits: President Reagan laid the linoleum flooring in the tiny, 1,500-square-foot home himself. There’s no central heating; just two fireplaces warmed the house. Naturally, Reagan chopped the wood himself. The showerhead at the ranch’s modest bathroom is a replica of the Liberty Bell. A few deer, horses, and cattle still roam the acreage.

The visit was both inspiring and dispiriting–an infectious reminder of Reagan’s enduring greatness, strength, and character, but also a depressing reminder of how small, mediocre, and wanting our current crop of Republican presidential candidates (let alone the rest of the GOP leadership) seem by comparison.


Obviously Michelle has to pay tribute to the almighty Reagan, but I won't go there. I just love reading these ultra-Fascists admit that their candidates and leadership are idiots! I don't think that'll change much, Michelle!