Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Limousine conservative + TN-07 Primary

You may recall my post quoting Marsha's campaign website about the "fight" for energy. I'll give you a brief synopsis...

"It is a great honor to represent the scenic stretch of Tennessee from Clarksville to Nashville, to Memphis. Anchored by Tennessee’s great metropolitan centers, the heart of my district is the rural engine of Tennessee’s economy and home to the men and women who work the land every day. These are the true environmentalists and conservationists, those for whom clean air and clean water isn’t an abstract notion, but the vital force that keeps the corn, cotton and soybeans growing.

Contrast them with the other “environmentalists”. These are the latte’ sipping earth-first-istas who believe corn is more appropriately poured into a gas tank than into corn meal muffins. Their environmental experience is a drive through the Napa Valley. “Pay more, drive less” is an option for them because they don’t have to depend on hauling goods to market to make their living. After all those spinning classes, they think nothing of a brisk bike ride to the office.

My constituents and I live a very different lifestyle. While the trial lawyers and green peacers sip proseca and chat politely about the fate of the ridge crested woodchuck; my constituents pile their kids into the mini-van and head to church, summer camp, swimming lessons, and baseball practice. They don’t want the liberal elites to make it more expensive to dream big dreams and turn those dreams into reality."

Now let's make a 180...from the Tennessean...

LaVondia Majors/The Tennessean
U.S. Rep. Marsha and Chuck Blackburn at the Swan Ball held at Cheekwood on Saturday, June 14, 2008.

The romance started at the front steps of Cheekwood Mansion. From the moment guests arrived Saturday, June 14 at the 46th annual Swan Ball, Nashville's premiere white-tie charity event, organizers beguiled them with a setting of gardenia-scented twilight. The event benefits Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art.

The 800 guests stepped into the wonderland eager to enjoy the events' offerings: a chance to see old friends, hear headline entertainer Diana Ross and admire the parade of formal fashions.

Barbara Bovender came clad in a sunshine yellow Oscar de la Renta that she said she chose for the color and flattering cut. The gown shared the show with an 18-carat white gold cuff on her wrist by the ball's featured jeweler, Verdura. "It's the ultimate in the social season here," Bovender said.

I tell you, that Marsha must be one country bumpkin kinda gal! I have to give props to a comment left regarding the story..

"'m sorry to have missed it, but I got some grease on my rented Tuxedo, while jump-starting my truck.I wanted to bid on that rifle... bad."

In other news from the Tennessean...

Early voting turnout in Tennessee increased about 25 percent over the last presidential election year. Nearly 210,000 people cast their ballots before early voting ended Saturday. That's compared with about 167,000 early votes in 2004.

Shelby County had the highest early voting tally with more than 38,000, followed by Knox County with about 20,000.
FYI...early votes in Williamson County totaled 7,702. Does this spell trouble for Marsha (Williamson County) and give Tom Leatherwood (Shelby County) an edge? We shall see. Props to Tom Guleff for the hilarious TN-07 Repub primary video!