Monday, January 7, 2008

From the WCDP

Happy New Year Williamson County Democrats!

I think it appropriate to open this Year with a One year in - One year out message from the Williamson County Democratic Party Chair. Though it is not exactly a year on either side from Nov. 2006 nor Nov 2008, I trust that you will allow the phrasing along with the lengthily nature of this letter. I will otherwise keep my postings to this Newsgroup event informative and brief.

In the past 7 years we Democrats have witnessed our Governance being over run by Neo-Conservatives who along with a compliant and irresponsible media have nearly managed to create an alternate world of ……….Neo-Conservative reality. I believe they are systematically self destructing.

While admitting that the sun doesn’t simply shine every time a Democratic Politician makes a move - it is quite a bit sunnier in America since November 2006. Knowing full well the Republican minority’s dis- pleasure with the Democratic Majority in Washington; let’s not forget that it is yet the Neo-Con Republican political agenda to impede progress in Washington on behalf of We the People while shouting “Do Nothing Congress”. See everything Marsha Blackburn (R) says - every time she says anything for a fine example. This tack will serve their political goal through the upcoming election, but it will not serve it well enough. And I truly hope to hear less of those among us parrot this distorted sentiment. Let’s remember that the Democrats in Washington do not have a super majority, do not have the power to change policy, over ride Presidential Veto’s or Republican filibusters. The Republicans will continue to call us in-effective for every time we get only 9 of their Senators to come on board. OK, I’m done venting on that front!

Though we were unable to deliver a victory for Mary Parker and send her to the State Senate in 2006, we did turnout 38% from our county in her favor. Folks, that is not bad for a place where we are rumored to be severely outnumbered. We can do better in the future and we must. The next Census is in 2010 which mandates the Majority Party at the Tennessee State Assembly to oversee congressional re-districting. This could be devastating to Tennessee Democrats if we lose majority. Think Tom Delay’s Texas in Tennessee. If anybody out there has any desire to run for State House or Senate – please call me and let’s begin talking about it. We need to recruit Democrats to run for public office at the Tennessee State Assembly.

In short – we are doing everything we can to improve our visibility, presence and effectiveness. We are still in the minority in Williamson County but – THAT COULD CHANGE! I believe it could change in November 2008. I like our choices for President and I like our chances. We also have a candidate running for TN State House (district 78 / Fairview): David Davidson. (More on David Davidson soon).

God willing, we still may have a Candidate to challenge Marsha!

We are all in this together, and I’m Proud to be a Williamson County Democrat. I hope you are too.


Todd Sharp

Williamson County Democratic Party - Chair