Saturday, January 26, 2008

CNN recognizes the Volunteer State

Which Fascist will take good ol' Rocky Top?...

Who will nab Tennessee now that Thompson's out?
Posted: 12:20 PM ET

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — Within 30 minutes of Fred Thompson's announcement that he was dropping his bid for the Republican nomination for president, state Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey's phonebegan ringing.

Ramsey, who had campaigned heavily for Thompson, said he first heard from Mike Huckabee's campaign. Then it was a personal call from Mitt Romney. Finally a representative for John McCain rang through.

Tennessee may not be among the largest states holding their primaries on Feb. 5, but Thompson's departure on Tuesday suddenly put the Volunteer State into play at a time when the Republican field lacks a clear front-runner.

Ramsey, of Blountville, said he finds himself in unfamiliar territory after having long made up his mind in the race.

"I was for Fred, I studied Fred, I knew about Fred," he said. "The others I hadn't paid that much attention to because I was for Fred."

Ramsey and other Republican officials are unsure about whom to endorse — or indeed whether to change their plans at all since Thompson remains on the ballot.