Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Congressman Blackburn criticizes Dubya (in a soft, wussy way) for the first time!

Can you spot it?

Rep. Blackburn Reacts To President Bush's Earmark Orders "A Hopeful First Step Toward Greater Fiscal Responsibility"

Washington, Jan 29 - President Bush today signed an executive order that will begin to roll back wasteful earmarks and protect American taxpayers. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who has long fought abuse of the earmark process, remarked on today's development.

"This is a hopeful first step toward ensuring that government spending is transparent to the taxpayer and I am gratified that the President has taken it. He may have come to this party a little late, but this is a good step toward fiscal responsibility and transparency ."

Speaking about the way forward on earmark reform, Blackburn said:

“House Republicans have offered an immediate earmark moratorium. We are awaiting Speaker Pelosi’s response to our invitation to join with us in meaningful earmark reform. The Democrat leadership should not stand between taxpayers and eliminating the broken earmark status quo.”

What a load of crap...when did earmarks peak, Congressman? Now Dubya addresses it, ironically when the Democrats control Congress. But hey, she didn't say "liberal leadership" in this gem!