Thursday, January 3, 2008

Church and State wha?


Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was the big winner in Iowa's GOP caucuses Thursday thanks to big support from two groups of voters: Women and evangelical Christians.

Mike Huckabee appears to have benefited from a strong turnout by evangelical Christian voters.

The latter made up the majority of Republican caucus goers, and CNN's entrance polling showed Huckabee -- a former Baptist pastor -- won 46 percent of that group.

Rival Mitt Romney, who has heavily courted social conservatives, only drew 19 percent of those voters.

"I think the evangelical Christians came out for him; the message was very clear," said CNN contributor William Bennett.

"He is a man of deep conviction and I think people saw that, they couldn't make up their minds about Romney, and decided to stick with [Huckabee]," Bennett said.

Huckabee also overwhelmingly won the female vote, picking up support from about 40 percent of women compared to only 24 percent for Romney.

Republican caucus-goers who told pollsters that a candidate's religious beliefs matter "a great deal" overwhelmingly supported Huckabee by a margin of 56 percent to 11 percent.

I'm not gonna touch on Obama...any Dem is OK with the G-Funk (how obvious can I be?). Welp, I hope Huckabee turns out to be the Fascists' candidate. Sad to say (as I sigh), he'd only win the South. One day my fellow Southerners will wise up. Limbaugh and the Coultergeist are right! Liberals for Huckabee!