Friday, February 19, 2010

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Where?)

Dr. Greg Rabidoux, candidate for US Congress, District 7, TN, announced today that his campaign will embark upon a 15 county listening tour in 15 days. This listening tour will touch upon all 15 counties in US House District 7. Times, dates and locations will be announced soon, though Rabidoux promises it will be a real listening tour, one in which the candidate listens to the constituents and not solely the other way around. As Rabidoux said, "First, let's be sure on one thing, any incumbent who wants to continue serving the people who they represent should be listening to them every day. They should be listening to the concerns of all the people." Further he added, "And scheduling listening sessions at restaurants or at the office of an incumbent at days and times most convenient to him or her as my opponent Marsha Blackburn did recently, shows us those sessions were more about her needs and convenience and less about us. I'll go where the people of CD7 are; it's about serving their needs not making the process serve mine."

If you wanna know where Congressman Blackburn is, it ain't in TN-07. Check at CPAC or someplace in Missouri.