Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jon = funny

Jon Stewart: Two elected Democratic senators out of their caucus of 60 are stepping down, and 11 Democratic congressional representatives will be retiring, compared to 6 out of the 40 Republican Senators and 14 House Republicans. So I think we know how the media is going to play this:

Campbell Brown: Congressional Democrats dropping like flies...

Andrea Mitchell
: Democrats reeling from a recent string of retirement announcements...

Sean Hannity
: Democrats all around the country are running scared...

Rush Limbaugh
: They're running for the hills!

Jon Stewart
: It's less! The other party has more people leaving! How are those figures not even like a wash, or a little bit in the Democrats' favor? Boy, you fuckers can make controversy out of anything, can't you? Why do you have to have everything sound more interesting than it is? Y'know, if Congress made it rain cookies, the headline would read: DEMOCRATS LEAVE MILLIONS MILKLESS!