Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you "like-minded" like Marsha?

Money, money, money! MO-ney!


As you know we are continuing to fight the onslaught of increased spending and regulation in Washington D.C. It seems there is something new every day: The stimulus, the omnibus, card check, attacks on life, the unconstitutional move to have voting Congressional seats represent the city of Washington D.C., White House control of the census, nationalization of the student loan program, diminishment of charitable contributions, reduction in home mortgage deductions, nationalization of healthcare and the imposition of the cap and tax scheme. It goes on and on.

Some of you are asking, “Where does it all end?” and “What can I do about it?”

Our hope is to have this liberal onslaught end with the American people getting energized and joining us in this fight to preserve freedom and free enterprise. At this point we are aggressively fighting the imposition of the $3.6 trillion Obama budget which will give us at least another $1.4 trillion in debt!

I need your help. Will you please forward this message to all your “like minded” friends and family members? Make a contribution of $36 to my re-election effort to help me with the fight.

Thank you,


Alls I have to say is long live the liberal onslaught! Not that I know exactly what we are slaughting, but I like to slaught a lot.

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