Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I guess this is an op-ed by me?

So I've been reading over Fred Thompson's comments about his desire for Pres. Obama to fail. So now we've got King Rush, Bobby Jindal, and Freddy on the list.

My question is: Where is Michele Bachmann in all this?!! Doesn't she want an investigation into this un-American behavior?!!

Of course not. Republicans only want success for their select few. We know that to be the foundation of their party. If you don't meet the Republican credentials, you shouldn't be allowed to succeed.

The only problem is that the list of Republican credentials is getting longer and longer and longer. Back before the Republican Party turned into the American Nazionalist Partei, level-headed Americans actually had a choice when it came to political affiliation. Now it has come down to Democrats, disenchanted Independents (usually Greens and *some* Libertarians), and the wackos who still call themselves Republicans.

I find it offensive that today's "Republicans" invoke names like Lincoln, Roosevelt, and (shudder) Dr. MLK. I am more than confident that if any of these gentlemen were alive today and happened to catch a snippet of FOX News their reaction would be: O-M-G. This reaction would be followed by a change in party registration.