Monday, October 24, 2011

Blackburn provides us her overly simplistic thoughts on the economy

We Can Create More Jobs With Less
Marsha Blackburn

Everyone in Washington is focused on ways to get our economy back on track. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats are focused on all the wrong things. Ask any small business owner what they want the government to do to help them create jobs and they will tell you - we just need them to get out of the way.

That's why I will continue to focus on less - less regulations, less taxes, less litigation. These are the things that will help small business owners. And, after all, they are the ones who create the vast majority of new jobs in America.

President Obama has been in office for nearly three years, yet he still refuses to accept any responsibility for the economic mess we continue to be in. Now he is pushing for a new "jobs" bill. But it is just a rehashed stimulus. The others didn't work and this one won't either. Most of us in Congress recognize that there is no single bill or single stroke of the pen that is going to fix the economy.

It has to be a long-term focused project by everyone working together. Washington must find a way to give hard-working taxpayers a fighting chance. The President keeps saying just do the math, so let me suggest this equation: (-regulation)+(-taxation)+(-litigation)=(+innovation)+(+job creation)

It's time for the President and Democrats to recognize that if we are truly going to get this economy growing again, we have to start by eliminating the excessive regulations that are creating so much uncertainty for businesses. To truly create stability, the President should declare a one year moratorium on the creation of new regulations.

We also cannot raise taxes on anyone in the midst of such a huge economic crisis. Instead, we need a flatter, fairer, simpler tax system that would allow individuals and businesses to keep more of their money.

It's also time for Congress to pass serious tort reform legislation to put an end to all the frivolous lawsuits that place such a burden on our small business owners. And finally, Washington needs to stop the out of control wasteful spending.

I'm guessing some people weren't required to take Macroeconomics 101 in college.