Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crazy Rep. is still crazy

Still creating conspiracy theories... dumb lady keeps forgetting that Pres. Bush signed the so-called "ban" into law...

Save The Light Bulb - What Next?
Marsha Blackburn

I wanted to personally thank you for signing my Petition "Save the Light Bulb." In the last week, we have lost one battle, but won another in this fight to maintain a basic consumer choice. Although a majority of the House voted to repeal the light bulb ban, we did not get the 2/3 majority needed to pass the bill and later override a certain Obama veto. But your voices were heard through phone calls, e-mails and social media. And, later in the week, we passed an amendment into the Energy & Water Appropriations bill that would prohibit the Department of Energy from using any taxpayer funds to enforce the light bulb ban. The liberals knew we had won that round and did not even call for a recorded vote.

I know that you understand that the issue is far more important than merely saving a specific consumer product. It's about fighting for individual freedom - the freedom to make our own choices in America - whether it is about purchasing consumer goods or our right to bear arms. My point has always been when we permit liberals to chip away at the foundation of our individual freedoms; eventually that very foundation will crumble. I intend to fight every attempt by liberals to limit our individual freedom.

Let’s not stop! Let’s keep this grassroots effort growing!

Thanks for your help.

Marsha Blackburn

To clarify, I signed no petition...this is her campaign literature. Nothing like energy efficiency to really bring out the crazy in a right-wing broad.