Wednesday, May 4, 2011

B.S. from Beth

It's no secret how nutty the TN legislature has gotten since the November elections. Instead of doing anything meaningful, they've focused on banning Islam, abortion, and homosexuality. Here's Speaker Beth Harwell's response to concerns on the Special Access to Discrimate Act... which would prohibit Metro gov't from including sexual orientation in its discrimination policy...

Thank you for contacting me in regard to the Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act, House Bill 600. I appreciate hearing your concerns.

The bill passed through the house last night. When local government mandates to private businesses what their policy regarding employment practices should be, it causes undue burden on those businesses. Further, this legislation will ensure that continuity exists across the board with regards to businesses who contract with local governments. This is why business groups like the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business support the legislation.

While much of the public discussion of the bill has been regarding the anti discrimination ordinance in Nashville, the legislation has broader implications. This bill would prevent local governments from going in the opposite direction - passing local laws that are discriminatory in nature. By passing this legislation, all local laws will be uniform across the state. While I understand your concerns about its effect on Nashville, I believe this is a positive step for the state as a whole.

Beth Harwell
Speaker of the House

*Cough, cough*... bullshit.