Friday, July 16, 2010

The re-education of Marsha

So most of you know that I use this blog as a means of catharsis. I avoid talking about politics at work, with friends, or with family, mainly because it's depressing. That said, let me indulge myself...

Marsha Blackburn is stupid.

I invite you to watch the following clip, in which Rep. Blackburn flexes her scientific muscle re: global warming.

I know, right!!! What kind of moron is she talking to when she explains that we exhale CO2? If Marsha Blackburn cared at all about science (aka the enemy of the GOP) she could take a short cab ride (or Metro ride... think about the taxpayer!) over to GWU and expand her knowledge on climate change. I still have my course bulletin, and even some folders with old tests I can give her!

It really is pathetic to here these right-wingers talk. I mean, how long do we have to wait for these old farts to die off before we can actually operate like its 2010? According to them, the national debt is armageddon, and climate change is "meh".

PS. It's hot as hell today.