Monday, June 28, 2010

In a Blackburn world, guns are a gift from God

Blackburn Hails Supreme's 2nd Amendment Decision
Close Vote Shows Why Kagan Must Be Clear On Gun Rights

WASHINGTON- Congressman Marsha Blackburn made the following statement on the Supreme Court's ruling today that the Second Amendment applies equally to Federal, State, and local governments. "Today the Court maintained what Americans already know; our right to keep and bear arms is absolute. As the founders understood, the individual's right to self protection is endowed by the creator, not by the government," Blackburn said.

"I regret that the ruling on so obvious an issue was a narrow one. This 5-4 ruling highlights how important the confirmation hearings underway in the Senate are. Elena Kagan will do the nation a disservice if she is less than explicit in her views of 2nd Amendment rights. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to examine her position on this issue closely."

Granted, this case was originally about gang violence in the streets of Chicago, but having guns in Brentwood is the same thing (obviously!).