Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fed govt and the flood

Now that recovery is in full swing, let's look at the response from our elected officials...

from the Nashville Scene...

It was "a 1,000-year rainfall event," so we deserve even more federal aid than the law provides for ordinary disasters. That's the message from our congressional delegation in a new letter to President Obama.

"Tennesseans are helping themselves and their neighbors, but Tennessee will require federal assistance beyond what current emergency programs' funding can support," today's letter states.

That's fine. We're not proud. We'll take all the money the feds will give us, right? Still, once again, we can't help but point out the brazen hypocrisy of two members of Congress who signed this letter. Zach Wamp and Marsha Blackburn are champions of states' rights, constantly harping about getting the federal guvmint off our backs. Now here they are in line with everyone else with their hands out, demanding more and more aid.

[Congressman Wamp] was asked to explain how he can demand states' rights while begging for federal aid at the same time.

"They're not mutually exclusive. There's a legitimate role for the federal government, and frankly it involves things like natural disasters that the states cannot deal with."

So Washington should do whatever Wamp wants Washington to do. Get it?