Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where my girrrl at?

From the Nashville Scene....

To Media's Delight, Palin-Bachmann Team Up But Where's Blackburn?

Did you hear about the fabulous Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann rally in Minneapolis yesterday? Talk about star power! They are right-wing women, hear them roar! God is just an abbreviation for Goddess, you know.

"As absolutely drop-dead gorgeous as this woman is on the outside, I am here to testify she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside," Bachmann said of Palin. And Palin called Bachmann a "fireball."

Palin vowed that this is the year "conservative women get together and take back this country."

As Pith watched, we couldn't help but feel a little sorry for our own Republican feminist champion—Marsha Blackburn. She's every bit as drop-dead gorgeous inside and out as Palin and Bachmann, isn't she? And she's definitely just as wacky, if not more so. She's a fireball too, dammit! Yet no one's talking about her this morning. While clips from the Palin-Bachmann rally play endlessly on the morning talk shows, Blackburn is trudging around her district, talking to little gatherings of cranks and geezer constituents. An article in the Buffalo River Review—that's her big media splash of the week. It's so unfair.