Thursday, May 21, 2009

Part of the job isn't worth the job!

Congressman Marsha Blackburn on cap and trade, a.k.a. climate change mitigation...

"This isn't an energy bill, it is a tax bill plain and simple," Congressman Blackburn said. "It siphons thousands of dollars out of the family budget to fund $642 billion in new energy taxes. Instead of making energy more abundant and affordable, it will make it scarce and more expensive. Despite my colleagues promise of economic expansion through 'green jobs' this bill exports far more existing jobs than could realistically be replaced through non-existent technology. Millions of jobs will be lost. For all the money spent and jobs lost, we won't have a more secure environment or more abundant energy. At most, global temperatures are expected to drop a fraction of a degree over the next 90 years. This bill just isn't worth the taxes it will raise or the jobs it will cost."

What IS worth it, my dear?! Obviously nothing based on science.